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Hi, welcome to my website!

My name is Daniel Granda. I am an Ecuadorian student of International Business Administration at the University of Twente, in The Netherlands.

Having lived in Ecuador my whole life, I knew that after high school I wanted to reach for something greater. I decided to study in Holland, which is why I chose to study with the International Baccalaureate programme in my high school.

Said programme taught me so many valuable lessons I am sure I will never forget. During my last two years of high school I perfected several new skills, such as public speaking, time management, leadership, teamwork, academic writing, among others.

I also developed an interest in International Relations, which led me to join the UN (debate) club in my school and to participate in various United Nations Models on a national and international level. I have been part of the National High School Model United Nations in New York, NY. (the biggest high school UN model in the United States).

My friends and I at the UN General Assembly
My friends and I at the UN General Assembly
Just some Ecuadorian and Indonesian folks with their Starbucks
Just some Ecuadorian and Indonesian folks with their Starbucks

Additionally, I discovered I really enjoy filmmaking. As an assignment, I had to make a short film with my friends. This coincided with me having learned some new tricks on video editing and filming I would then use for the assignment. Our group won the award for best short film, and for me, this made me want to keep going further.

During my first year of university I discovered my true passion. I have loved electronic music since I was very young and I often thought to myself: ‘What if I tried to make my own music?’. That’s when I started researching, bought the music-making software, and started to learn how to use it.

Having no musical background at all, I often doubted my skills. Nevertheless, I was sure that if I put in the work, results would soon follow. I started watching tutorials whenever I had the time, and even sometimes when I didn’t. I was simply hooked from then on. It took over my life and it is all I think about every day. There is literally nothing in this world I enjoy more than making music, as cliché as it sounds. Creating something out of nothing is something simply beautiful.

I have now been producing music for about a year, and I am proud of the progress I have made so far. I still have along way to go, but I am very excited to continue on this journey. I feel like I have my life figured out. That’s it! Eureka! I have found my purpose at last, and I will not stop chasing what I know I can achieve.

Combining my audiovisual skills with my study at my university has allowed me to realize that marketing is also very interesting to me. Since I have to market myself as an artist I decided to put as much effort as possible during the marketing modules at my university.

I learned web design and built a website that awarded our group and I many compliments. We also had to make a promotional video for our website. Taking advantage of my video editing and filming skills, along with my newly acquired skills with audio, I got to work.

On the Portfolio tab, you can check out my work. See you there!

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